Biden set to give State of the Union, could address topics like the pandemic and Ukraine crisis

DELMARVA- President Joe Biden will be making his first State of the Union Address Tuesday night.

Dr. Sam Hoff, a local political science professor, said the President will most likely focus on 4 major topics.

He suspects they well be the progress we’ve made against the pandemic, the state of the economy, the recently passed infrastructure bill, and the crisis in Ukraine.

In fact, the professor thinks foreign policy will dominate tonight’s state of the union.

“The fact that this crisis has manifested itself in the way it did certainly caused his advisors and he to recast and retool the speech in a way that emphasizes the importance of trying to react to and successfully rebut this invasion,” Dr. Sam Hoff, George Washington Distinguished Professor at Delaware State University.

Professor Hoff also said President Biden’s popularity is weak right now, and a strong State of the Union Address could give him a big boost.

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