Ag community working through fluctuating Delmarva weather, how to prepare

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DELMARVA – As Delmarva weather continues to fluctuate, agriculture experts are giving some advice for farmers and gardeners to best take care of their crops.

Haley Sater, an agriculture educator with the University of Maryland Extension tells us, corn and soy crops shouldn’t be planted for another couple of weeks, and summer crops shouldn’t be planted until after Mother’s Day.

However, when it comes to cool-season crops like kale, carrots, and cabbage, consistent cold weather can pose a bit of an issue. She says some crops can experience potential cold burns, especially when temperatures are lower than 50 degrees.

Sater recommends that farmers and experienced gardeners should keep an eye on the weather as they prepare for spring. “This kind of weather wouldn’t be great for it but if it was planted, it just probably wouldn’t be doing anything in the soil right now and this could knock us back a few days from planting if it stays cool like this,” says Sater. She adds, “I’d say just do an inventory and make sure you have your fertilizer for the year because those costs for farmers have gone way up.”

Sater also says if you have something like a row cover that can help hold in heat, this is a good time to put this over your crops or garden.

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