Proposed MD legislation that could put more regulations on Delta-8 is causing some concerns

MARYLAND- An emergency bill is on the table in the Maryland General Assembly that could make changes in the regulation of cannabis.

“The stated goal of consumer safety, my fear is that the opposite will be accomplished,” Daniel Simmonds, Founder, Georgetown Hemp, said.

Senate Bill 788 would stop a person from knowingly producing plants or any part of a plant that’s over a Delta-8-THC concentration of 0.3%. Daniel Simmonds, the founder of Georgetown Hemp, said this legislation could also give more power to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

“The bill is suggesting that all hemp derived cannabinols, whether extracted from the plant or created in a lab be regulated through the MMCC,” Simmonds said.

Simmonds said that Delta 8 products can be used to help with anxiety, sleep, stress,  and more. He also said he is not against regulations, but wants them to be done in a way that won’t hurt businesses selling Delta 8 products.

“From farmers to processors to distributors to marketing companies all of the above would feel a ripple effect,” Simmonds said.

He also feels that businesses can sell these products in a way that are safe for the customer. Simmonds said his business is an example of that with their level of testing going above and beyond.

“All the ingredients listed very clearly we have a scan able QR code and where it will take you to a landing page where you can see the lab reports for our products,” Simmonds said.

Anthony Darby, CEO of Peninsula Alternative Health, said he agrees more regulations wouldn’t be a bad thing.

“A lot of this stuff is not lab tested, a lot of the stuff if it tested turns out to be mislabeled or not actually what the consumer believes they are purchasing,” Darby said.

But, Darby said he wouldn’t want to see a ban of Delta-8 products fully.

“I would like to just understand is there a way that we can make sure that the products that have value to the market that consumers are looking for can be regulated and sold in a way that is safe,” Darby said.

47ABC did reach out to the sponsor of the bill who did not want to do an interview at this time. But, we are told the bill is being adjusted in a way they believe will ease business owners concerns.

Simmonds said they have offered their model of testing and their program to the author of the bill.

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