Power company gives tips on how to be prepared for extreme weather conditions

DELMARVA – Although Sunday’s snowfall was far from Delmarva’s recent snowstorm, a local electric company is reminding consumers to stay prepared for another snowstorm.

Delmarva Power says assembling an emergency kit is essential especially during the winter months. A spokesperson tells 47 ABC, power could go out at any time, and the cold weather and heavy snowfall can cause outages more often. That’s why emergency kits should have a battery-powered radio, flashlight, first aid kit, wind-up clock, extra batteries, and a multi-purpose tool, as well as medications, blankets, and a list of emergency contacts are also must-have.

Jamie Caswell, a spokesperson for Delmarva Power says, “We also suggest having a supply of bottled water and east to prepare non-perishable foods lasting up to 72 hours.” She adds, “With winter storms, I think the most important things are just making sure your house is weatherized, make sure you have your furnace or other heat providing machines are checked.” She says it’s better to be overly prepared than not prepared at all.

Caswell also says the past few snowstorms downed numerous power lines causing outages. Other snow preparation concerns include the chance of a gas leak.
She says being on the lookout will keep everyone safer and prepared for what the rest of this winter has in store. “Just make sure everything on your house is clean and up to date and inspected if there’s an issue with anything power or electrical related or that you might be suspicious of, call Delmarva first before you do any of your own inspections.”

Consumers are also reminded to make sure everything is up to fire code, which includes having working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and properly using space heaters.

If you see a phone line down in Delaware, you can text ‘OUT’ to 67972, to add an outage.

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