Pocomoke City Council member Todd Nock files to run for House District 38A

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – A Pocomoke City Council member is throwing his hat in the ring for a shot at a seat in the State House.

In The Running

Todd Nock announced his candidacy for District 38A, which covers Somerset and Worcester Counties. “I’m not running solely as a Democrat. I’m running as someone for the people. I’m running as someone who will put the needs of the Eastern Shore first – more specifically 38A,” he said.

Bolster Education, Elevate Economy

Nock is also a teacher at North Dorchester Middle School. He says he plans to bring lessons learned as an educator to Annapolis. “We see so many disparities in schools right now. It’s really going to take people that know education to speak up, to keep our kids in school, and keep our kids safe, and continue to invest,” he said. “I plan on bringing that up to the forefront. We now see that things weren’t working the way that they were, and we have solutions to fix it now.”

Another top priority for Nock is bolstering the local economy on the Lower Eastern Shore. “We have an economy here in 38A that is very low,” he said. “We need someone in Annapolis to make the hard decision, and who is speaking out for the people. We need an economy boom right here in our district. I plan on doing that.”

Nock says most of all, he wants to fight for the values of the Eastern Shore. “Some of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned are to meet the people, reach the people. Sometimes you have to do it a different way than the status quo,” said Nock. “But, often times if you just dig deep in your heart and you really search yourself, you can figure out what you need to do for this person to be successful.”

Hitting The Trail

The next move for Nock is to hit the campaign trail running. “I’ve grown up in 38A. I went to college in 38A. I’m not a stranger. But, I do know that there are people out there who I haven’t reached yet. I believe in reaching people. I believe in finding out what their issues are and what concerns them,” he said.

Nock will be running against District 38A incumbent, Delegate Charles Otto. The primary vote is scheduled for June, 2022.

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