MSDE looking for public input on changes to language used to rank standardized test scores

SOMERSET COUNTY, Md. – The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) is taking another look at how they rank standardized testing scores.

Currently, the scores are ranked in four categories: extensive understanding, satisfactory understanding, partial understanding, and minimal understanding. “[State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury] doesn’t feel that the language has a growth mindset. If you look at level one and level two, partial and minimal, they really aren’t,” said Supervisor of Secondary Math and Local Accountability for Somerset County Public Schools (SCPS) Terry Drechsler.

But, MSDE officials want to move away from that. Dreschler says that’s because the names of the lower rankings could discourage some students. So, MSDE is now collecting parent and student feedback on how that language can be improved.

Seven counties are participating, including SCPS. “I really hope that we have a lot of participation. I really want people to feel that they have a say. I think in the times we’re going through right now, a lot of people don’t necessarily feel that their thoughts or comments are important,” said Dreschler. “Even if everybody in every county in the state of Maryland participated, at least we got a say in how we felt, and what statements we felt best fit a growth mindset for our students.”

The survey is open through March 4th. Virtual focus groups are scheduled for the week of March 7th. Until then, if you are a student who would like to participate, click here. Parents click here, and educators click here.

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