DEMA granted $85.6 million in federal funding for COVID-19 response

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DELAWARE – The Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced $85.6 million in federal funding to the Delaware Emergency Management Agency for emergency protective measure costs related to the state’s COVID-19 pandemic response under the federal disaster declaration of April 5, 2020.

Officials say this funding will reimburse DEMA for eligible costs related to providing COVID-19 testing and reporting statewide from October 12, 2020, through September 12, 2021. Approximately $3.08 million of the grant covered COVID-19 materials for emergency protective measures, and $82.56 million for contract costs that were directly related to and used for COVID-19 patients.

This funding reimburses expenses for Delaware’s comprehensive, statewide COVID-19 testing plan and the establishment of its Urgent Response Testing Program. The testing program is a joint effort between the Delaware Department of Health and DEMA, in coordination with county and community partners, to quickly mobilize testing resources in response to an outbreak of the virus in Delaware communities.

The state’s testing plan included key considerations such as access, equity, and cost, and is structured to define specific strategies for certain populations, including long-term care residents and staff and other congregate settings, vulnerable populations such as elderly citizens and members of low-income and minority communities, and certain frontline essential workers.

In November 2021, President Biden announced that funding to support all eligible COVID-19 work will continue at a 100% federal cost-share through April 1, 2022.

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