CDC looking for feedback to update “2016 Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain”

MARYLAND- A local primary care physician is weighing in on the changing guidelines for opioid prescriptions.

The CDC is in the process of updating the “2016 Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.”

Right now, they are looking for caregivers, patients, and providers to give them feedback on the draft guideline.

Dr. Tammy Donoway, with TidalHealth, said the 2016 guideline was very strict and limited the number of days a doctor can prescribe opioids, how long they can give it, and how many pills they could prescribe.

She said the change was a big shock to providers and caused some problems for some patients on chronic opioids, but Dr.Donoway says there were also positives. She said it made providers really take a look at what they are prescribing, who they were prescribing it to, and alternative options.

Dr. Donoway said with these the new guidelines the CDC is relaxing limitations, but they are not reverting completely.

“I’m really hoping that progress that we made between then and now will continue you know,” Dr. Donoway said. “There are some providers that jump immediately to opioids, it’s their first line and it’s very beneficial and it does work for patients, but for some patients it’s not the safest option,  so I really hope that providers continue to look at those safer options before moving on to opioids.”

Dr. Donoway also said the 2016 guidelines made it more difficult for providers to get pain medication approved for patients who were truly in pain.

To add your voice to the conversation on the guideline click here.

If you would like to see the process and timeline of the draft Guideline visit the CDC’s website.

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