Black folks in maritime, community members take a walk through history

CRISFIELD, Md. – The Crisfield Arts and Entertainment District put together an exhibit that takes you through the past present, and future black folks in maritime.

In light of black history month, the Crisfield Arts and Entertainment District along with Crisfield’s Black History month committee put together an exhibit that dives deep into the history of black people’s connection to the water. “You can always get to your future by launching from the past,” says James Lane, a member of the committee, historian. He adds, “To get everyone a little taste of what’s possible through the visual, through the narrative, and the audio.”

The exhibit goes through the past, present, and future, even showcasing how advanced black civilizations were because of the water. “It’s not a political statement but it shows that many civilizations have ventured out into the Americas long before Columbus,” says Elmer Barkley, another member of the Black History Month Committee and historian.

We’re told water is more than just that, it’s a part of an overall connection where people have lived, work provided a future for their families. “It provides education, it provides ways for people to send their kids to school,” says Barkley. He adds, “This will be unique in showing it differently.”

Organizers say this exhibit is meant to give inspiration, connection, and hope. “They can appreciate what the creator has given us and how we can relate to water and more importantly be good Stewarts of what God has given us in terms of water,” says Lane. Barkley adds, “I don’t think a lot of the kids realize how the contributions that are being made now, and maybe it will inspire them to learn more about it.”

Historians say you’ll have to come here for yourself to explore and get the full experience. The exhibit also uses QR codes for community members to scan and learn more about the history.

You can visit the Crisfield Arts and Entertainment website for more information.

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