What you should know when treating your child’s COVID-19 symptoms

SALISBURY, Md.- Looking for over the counter medicine to treat your child’s COVID-19 symptoms? It may be harder than you think, to get your hands on.

“Obviously, with the number of COVID patients that you have the availability of those products are hard to find,” William Cooper, a pharmacist manager with TidalHealth, said.

“There have been off and on availability issues with things like nebulizers,” Ben Forrest, a pharmacist with Apple Discount Drugs, said.

Pharmacists on the Eastern Shore said supply chain issues aren’t making things easier, and there’s another hurdle that may limit parents options for over the counter cold medicine.

“The FDA about two years ago came out and said definitely children under two that they definitely didn’t want these medicines given to children because there’s a much larger risk of overdose,” Craig Schury, owner of Pemberton Pharmacy, said.

And, while you may be looking to cure your child’s aches, fevers, and sinus issues there’s another thing you should be aware of.

“As far as cough products, they are not truly effective in children especially young children under two and between four and six, generally they’d still like you to go to a doctor,” Schury said.

But, don’t worry pharmacists said there’s other ways to get your child some relief, such as a cool mist humidifier,  nasal spray, Tylenol, and ibuprofen.

“Some other medications such as just plain Tylenol things of that nature are safer in younger children,” Forrest said.

And pharmacists said if your child is dealing with COVID-19 symptoms, reach out to a doctor if you have questions about over the counter medicine.

“Legally speaking it’s a gray area for a pharmacist to make a recommendation for children under 2, usually we would prefer a physician to point you in the right direction,” Forrest said.

We’re told another option parents have to give kids is homeopathics, but you should keep in mind those are not regulated by the FDA.

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