“We are not out of the woods yet:” could Omicron see its peak?

DELMARVA — Omicron can reach its peak any day now.

Officials say some areas across the world have already reached their peak in coronavirus cases. However, different trends depend on the people.

“Often with Omicron you get a really fast, really steep rise in cases and similarly steep decline but some of that depends on peoples behaviors,” says Dr. Cameron Webb on the White House COVID Team.

He tells 47ABC if mitigation measures aren’t taken seriously, then we will not see a steep decline. There’s still a lot of work to be done as “we are not out of the woods yet.” Webb says ensuring that the resources are in place and people are using them, numbers will go down. This includes getting fully vaccinated, which he says is showing pretty good protection and keeping people out of the hospital.

Doctors say more metropolitan areas are seeing a rise in cases compared to rural areas. Dr. Webb says that it’s important that rural areas are getting the message like big cities. This means they should be informed about vaccines, masks, tests by trusted local messengers, ensuring they are hearing the most current science from people they know and trust.

Dr. Webb says that by taking these steps, you are also helping out the hospitals during this time. He says by doing this you are supporting hospitals. Many hospitals have been hard it; ultimately leaving them with fewer beds and fewer staff and these challenges are not excused from smaller rural hospitals.

The COVID team did address that COVID-19 tests have been received by some Americans across the nation. Dr. Webb says 375 million tests are out and available. More and more options are becoming available and Dr. Webb encourages you to use them. This marks the largest shipment of personal protective equipment in the history of the United States government.

“As we learn more, as the pandemic continues to evolve and change, we try to lead with the best of what the science is us, that’s what the CDC is aiming to do,” says Dr. Webb.

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