Scammers posing as utility companies, consumers asked to stay alert

DELMARVA – Consumers are being asked to watch out for scams from people posing as utility companies.

We’re told a person will call or email you pretending to be a part of a company they know you work with. The caller will say you’re delinquent on fees and threaten to shut off your utilities.

The caller will then ask you to pay with something like a MoneyPak card or another indirect payment. Financial experts tell us, if you fall victim, you’ll never hear from the scammer again, or be able to get your money back. “They have to know a little bit about you to even make the call. They know what utility company you’re with, they know if you lease a car or if you have a car loan, they’re going to know,” says Mark Welsh, a CPA, and partner with UHY LLP. He adds, “There are people who are unfortunately gullible enough to do it. If they weren’t they would give up on it because it wouldn’t be profitable.”

Welsh also tells 47 ABC, sometimes scammers will send an email with a link that can potentially allow them access to your computer. Consumers are asked to contact their utility company directly, and never open any links you’re unfamiliar with.

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