Request to raise room tax in Worcester County heading to state level

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Worcester County Commissioners vote to request a change in state law to increase room taxes.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said that the room tax is a county tax and currently Ocean City is capped at 5% as the maximum level that they can raise the room tax. Ocean City has requested that Worcester county ask the state for that level to be raised to 6%.

“The reason that’s important to do in advanced is that the legislature meets January through April and if in fact we do at some point raise the room tax we would want that to take effect January 1 of any given year, so the proper way to do that is to get the advanced approval to be able to raise it,” Mayor Rick Meehan, said.

Mayor Meehan also said raising the room tax helps Ocean City fund all of its advertising and promotions.

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