Mayor Jake Day is one of eight selected for national mayoral fellowship

SALISBURY, Md. – Mayor Jake Day is busy collaborating with other mayors across the country to both teach, and learn, some lessons.

Mayor Day was one of eight mayors in the nation selected to be part of the Mayors’ Institute on City Design Just City Mayoral Fellowship. “We’ll all get to share some of our strategies and our experiences with each other, which I think will make each of the outcomes for our constituents in Salisbury, and for each of their constituents,” he said.

The eight mayors will work together to compare strategies on creating more equitable communities. “Sometimes it can be humbling, and other times I think we need to be reminded that some of the things we have started to do are indeed things that could be replicated in other places,” said Mayor Day.

City officials will also be brought into the mix, including Director of Infrastructure and Development Amanda Pollock, and Director of Housing and Community Development Ron Strickler. Mayor Day says he will work with them to hammer out the best plan of action, based on what he learns from other mayors.

Mayor Day says while he’s excited to share Salisbury’s story with the other mayors, he’s already planning on bringing some ideas back home. “I think I will come home with solutions that come out of this process. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself and think of the solutions before I get in the room. I think it’s important to learn from others, but my wheels are turning already,” he said.

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