Local community center looks to inspire creatives with studio/recording space

SALISBURY, Md.-  Are you interested in music, podcasts, or videography? Well if you said yes, The Newton Street Community Center wants you to know there’s a resource available right in your own backyard.

Thanks to a partnership with PAC 14 and Salisbury University, the center offers a music studio and recording space for students and community members and it’s all for free.

The issue is that the space is currently underutilized. The room includes professional audio equipment, an Apple computer lab, keyboard pianos, and more.

We’re told the goal now is to grow the space and future talents. “We realized that this was a need a lot of people have especially for our younger youth who are into music and using sound cloud or whatever it is. We just wanted to provide that professional sound here at the Newton Community Center,” Community Program Coordinator Robert Reed said. “Being an audio engineer or any type of artist or just a creator in general on any type of platform, being creative is literally what you are born to be,” Salisbury University Senior Dhedhus Anumbga said.

That space is available Monday through Friday between 1 to 4 p.m. To reserve your one hour session email rreed@salisbury.md

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