Health Care Heroes Act going into place Monday, in hopes to help staffing shortages

MARYLAND- Some relief may be on the way when it comes to staffing shortages. Starting Monday, Governor Larry Hogan’s executive order expanding Maryland’s efforts to address staffing shortage goes into place.

It addresses the issues in hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies, while provide more licensing flexibility for pharmacist and techs to support the pharmacy workforce.

It’ll also allow nursing student to serve as licensed practitioners and expedite licenses for retired practitioners and nursing graduates.

It’s an effort the Wor-Wic Community College said they’re on board with.

“I just think more than ever we just have to partner with our community and to do that we have to identify what kind of concerns our students have, what may be barriers while they are in nursing school or while they are pursuing healthcare,” Dr. Karie Solembrino, Dean of Health Professions, said.

The order will also allow respiratory therapy students to assist in the emergency medical services workforce.

A nurse and Executive Director at BayCare Assisted Living said she understands what Governor Hogan is trying to do, but she can’t get behind someone who’s not fully licensed working under her because that could cause poor health care.

“In my eyes, as a clinical nurse who has taught who has done millions of different things as a nurse over 43 years in my eyes it would be hard for me to allow my license to let that person practice under it,” Linda Cornelius, a RN and Executive Director at BayCare Assisted Living, said.

Dr. Solembrino said they are working directly with partners like TidalHealth and Atlantic General Hospital to get students scholarships so they can work while in their program.

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