Governor John Carney urging Delawareans to get boosted as COVID cases decline


DELAWARE – Governor John Carney provided a brief update Tuesday on the state’s COVID 19 cases.

He says testing varies from day to day. In the hospitals, they have 550 people with COVID, and only 59 of them are critical cases. COVID-19 death numbers are going up more slowly. To help with the surge and hospital employee burnout, the national guard has been deployed. However, vaccine numbers are strong. Governor Carney emphasizes were headed in the right direction but we have to keep up with safety precautions.

“We still need to get those eligible boosted, we know that if you are boosted the chance of you being hospitalized goes down significantly,” says Governor Carney.

He says the first state is still seeing a large number of people getting tested. Governor Carney says the drive-through event with FEMA has been very helpful, as well. Lastly, the governor reminds us that the indoor mask mandate is still in effect.

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