Educational event to engage community members in social equity and justice

DELAWARE – YWCA Delaware and Delaware libraries are joining forces to enhance people’s social justice knowledge. “We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we did a year-long social equity challenge so that people can do it whenever they want,” says Rebecca Cotto, Director of Racial and Social Justice at YWCA Delaware.

We’re told the two groups are inviting community members to a social equity championship. You can use your Delaware library card, register for the championship, and start earning badges.

Each month throughout 2022, there will be books, documentaries, activities, and events related to social justice and equity. If you complete the required number of activities, you earn a badge for the month, and in the end, you have the chance of winning prizes for not only your work but your willingness to actively make change for social justice. “Then there’s the ‘create your own’ badge which I think is pretty cool which is what are you doing in your space that you feel is for social justice and you just tell us,” says Cotto. Janet Wurtzel, a JW Development Business consultant at the DE Division of Libraries adds, “Social justice isn’t something we just think about or can work on for one day, it’s something we have to work on constantly and we need to work on it throughout the year.”

We’re told you can be any age, and if you don’t have a library card, you can register for a free one any time.

To register for the championship, click here. To get a free Delaware library card, click here.

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