Delmarva prepping for blizzard, motorists advised to avoid roadways

DELMARVA – The second winter storm of the year on the Eastern Shore is on its way and we’re told preparation this time around is essential. However, the ultimate goal is to keep motorists off the road if at all possible. “If that trip to the grocery store can wait or that sort of thing, just wait a couple of days, let us get the roads cleared off so they’re safe for you,” says Tracy Richardson, Community Relations Manager at the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration, District 1.

Crews have been slowly prepping throughout the week and even heightened their efforts the closer the storm approaches. “You know getting the equipment ready, checking in and out, loading our salt trucks, feeling the brine tanks so we’re ready for our pre-treating operations which have just begun,” says Richardson.

With expected snowfall, Timothy Stokes with Delmarva Power tells 47 ABC, residents should be prepared for anything this weekend. “Just like we prepare for the damage that may occur, it’s always a good idea for customers to prepare for forecasted severe weather as well,” says Stokes. That preparation is in case of power outages which includes stocking up on bottled waters, non-perishable foods, flashlights, and charging your mobile devices. “Together with strong winds and snow, they can cause damage to trees and tree limbs due to their weight which can also cause damage to power lines,” says Stokes.

More importantly, MDOT officials express how important it is for motorists to stay off the roads if possible. “Please delay travel as much as possible through this winter event. The fewer motorists we have on the road, the better for us, we need plenty of room to work,” says Shanteé Felix, Assistant Media Relations Manager at the Office of Communications with MDOT and the State Highway Administration. 

Although officials are playing the guessing game when it comes to snowfall totals, we’re told they’re ready for whatever mother nature brings. “You know with the temperatures still dropping, we are going to have the issues you know the freezing and then possibly the re-freezing so we will be on top of that,” says Richardson. Felix adds, “The thing with the weather, we’re in it as we’re in it, it could change between now and then so we’re working around the clock as the snow falls.”

Stokes with Delmarva Power also tells us, “When storms and extreme weather hit, Delmarva power is always prepared and dedicated to restoring service as safely and quickly as possible.” That being said, he warns community members of fallen trees especially near power lines because they could be energized.

You visit Delmarva Power’s website for updates on outages, and you can also call 800-898-8042 to report any power lines down.

You can also click here for more information about snow, and ice.

Along with Delmarva Power, MDOT crews will be out throughout the weekend.

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