Delaware Re-introduces Legalized Marijuana Legislation

DOVER, De-Lawmakers In Delaware are reintroducing a bill that would enable legal marijuana sales in the first state, this time with new provisions that they hope will help the measure pass.

HB-305 would strengthen protections against underage consumption and allow for communities that were historically harmed due to the ban on marijuana to partake and have a head start in growing these cannabis businesses.
Advocates at Delaware CAN, a marijuana legalization advocacy group say the bill almost passed 4 times before, and they hope the increased testing requirements for products, as well as youth use prevention programs, can make the bill a law.

“the latest version incorporates bipartisan amendments strengthen under age youth prevention and safety protections as well as social equity provisions in the bill so we support those changes and we hope the new language is enough to overcome the 3-5ths supermajority hurdle,” said CAN Director Zoe Patchell.

Lawmakers say this legislation would still allow for each individual locality in Delaware to vote locally, whether or not to opt-in to legal marijuana sales,
The bill’s advocates say a no vote would be saying no to increased tax revenue and encourage illegal sales.

“if the goal of cannabis legalization is to undercut the illicit market, if there are pockets of prohibition throughout the state this isn’t going to work we need the whole state to have legal safe access to cannabis at an affordable rate,” Patchell said.

Advocates say that other states that have legalized the sales of marijuana have welcomed a billion-dollar industry and brought in a much-needed boost of tax revenue.


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