Delaware Governor John Carney announces FY 2023 Recommended Budget

DELAWARE- Strengthening the economy, expanding opportunity,  supporting families and workforce, that’s what Governor John Carney aims to do with his Fiscal Year 2023 Recommended Budget.

“Our budget highlights and priorities continues to be same really try to strengthen the economy and invest in those things that enable us to be as a State more competitive,” Governor Carney said.

Thursday morning, Governor Carney singled out infrastructure and the environment, as priorities for the general fund’s $4.9 billion operating budget.

“Really the big game changer with $355 million of federal funding and then additional state funding for the clean water trust fund, which will enable us to address long standing challenges particularly in the lower part of our state,” Governor Carney said.

Representative Bryan Shupe said he’s thrilled the governor is making a clean water a priority, and wants to make sure Sussex County is included.

“I am sure the Governor will make sure that Sussex County receives a lot of that funding because that has been his commitment from the beginning and I’m looking forward to advocating for Sussex County,” Rep. Shupe said.

Governor Carney also focused on investments for education.

“School construction across our state and each of the counties$ 333.9 million we have been able to pre-fund some of those obligations, which will help us in the out years,” Governor Carney said.

$20.6 million would go to support mental health service units for elementary schools. Representative Shupe said he’s glad this is getting attention, but that’s not all he wants to see.

“I think that’s going to pay dividends down the road for most vulnerable communities, again where I would like to see the budget go for education is seeing more of the spending measured,” Rep. Shupe said.

And, one of the biggest priorities on Governor Carney’s list is workers compensation.

“This year we take a little bit different approach in raising and improving the pay scale itself, so you have large increases at the bottom of the pay scale, larger increases than we have been able to do at the middle of the pay scale and all the way through to the top,” Governor Carney said.

Representive Shupe also said he wished the Governor’s budget touched more on the current workforce crisis that’s happening in Delaware, including help for small businesses and those who have worked overtime.

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