Delaware author releases second book, ‘Roaming Riley: A Baltimore Adventure’

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DELAWARE – One beloved fictional cat is going on another adventure and the whole story is written by a local author.

Allison Wiest is a Delaware based author who published her first book, ‘Roaming Riley: A Delmarva Adventure,’ last year. But now the star of the book, a cute cat named Riley, is on his second adventure in Allison’s second book.

It’s called ‘Roaming Riley: A Baltimore Adventure,’ and Allison says that while we still get to see Riley explore a new area, this book is a bit different than the first.

“This contains a lot more history and facts, I tried to, as he went through different areas of Baltimore, I tried to research how those places came to be, such as Fort McHenry and what it was used for,” she explained.

If you want to read about Riley’s second adventure, you can find it on Allison’s website. As for Riley’s next adventure, Allison says she’s constantly thinking of where he could go next and she hopes to take him on many more adventures.

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