Caroline County Sheriff’s seeing success with Safe Station program

CAROLINE COUNTY, Md.- The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office is already making a difference with a new initiative.

They are handing out Safe Station Information Cards to people who are found in possession of drugs.

We’re told the cards are a way to direct those cited or arrested for a drug possession crime to get help immediately at the Caroline County Safe Station.

From there, they’re partnering with a behavioral health treatment group to bring substance abuse resources and peer specialist.

The Chief Deputy told us it’s an important initiative being in a rural area with limited 24 hour medical facilities.

“To have that ability 24 hours a day right at their weakest moment to be able to come into the office to the sheriffs office, check in with our duty officers and we immediately provide them assistance to get help is just leaps and bounds over what they would’ve had,” Chief Deputy James Henning, said.

Chief Deputy Henning said while this is a way to get people immediate help,  it also helps stop drug related crimes.

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