Berlin Mayor collecting 2022 community priorities

BERLIN, Md.- The town is taking a look at feedback from the community about their 2022 priorities.

Mayor Zach Tyndall said he wanted to create a more unified vision for 2022.

So, he asked the community what they would like to see happen for this new year.

Mayor Tyndall received feedback on social media, phone calls, email, and texts.

So far, he said big themes he’s seeing are focusing on improving parks and playgrounds, infrastructure, arts and entertainments, and events.

“I wanted to try something a little bit different this year which is soliciting input from the citizens, the employees, the council and then of course filtering those in with some of the goals I have for the town,” Mayor Zack Tyndall, said. “I think it’s important for everybody to have a stake in the direction of the town, I want a strategic plan developed for the town of Berlin we haven’t had one for a number of years.”

Mayor Tyndall said this year he would like to see the town continuing to move toward opening a community center.

Adding, he will present the feedback he’s received to the Council at meeting on January 24.

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