A little salt goes a long way as residents prepare for the snowstorm

DELAWARE — DelDot says that salt isn’t just for busy first state roadways!

The transportation agency says that while the special salt is crucial to pretreating the roads ahead of snowstorms, you should also be putting salt down outside your homes. By doing this you keep the pathways around your house safe and free of slippery ice. CR Mclleod with Deldot says a little goes a long way.

“What you want to do, you don’t want to have so much that it’s covering — that it looks like sand on your walkway and driveways but scattering it around using a couple of cup fulls,” CR says.

DelDot says you should take some time to clear your walkways and steps, put down some extra salt, and then, shovel up that snow. Pretreating the roadways in advance prevents an icy layer from getting compacted to the pavement.

Officials urge residents to sprinkle some salt down to make the clean-up easier. Stay safe if you have to leave your home!


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