Street dedicated to influential funeral home director and community member, Clinton Franklin Stewart

SALISBURY, Md. – It’s been 36 years since the late Clinton Franklin Stewart passed away, and although many know him as one of the first black morticians in Salisbury, we’re told he left a legacy much bigger than that.

“It gives me a great pleasure today to give back to him what he gave to me,” says Aundra Roberts, a Family Friend, and former Family Services Manager.

We’re told that Stewart paved the way for many community members.

“They will remember Mr. Stewart as a man of integrity, a man that cared about his family, a man that cared about the community, a man that taught me to be who I am today,” says Roberts.

Roberts also tells 47 ABC, whether it was providing food for children, giving someone a place to lay their head at night, or even being a voice for citizens.

“While Mr. Stewart was a funeral director, he was also an advocate, an advocate for justice,” says Maryland’s Speaker Pro Tempore, Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes. She tells us, Stewart helped her to realize her dreams.

Del. Sample-Hughes spent time working at Stewart’s Funeral Home, where his legacy helped pave the way for her career. “It just goes to show you that others have led the way for you they have gone through the paths that may have been very challenging,” says Del. Sample-Hughes.

Stewart’s influence didn’t stop there, that’s why the city of Salisbury dedicated the corner of Olivia Street and West road to be named Stewart Way. “I hope every person that passes by it, every person that drives down it, walks down it, lives on it pays due respect not only to their neighbors, to each of us but to the legacy,” says Mayor Jake Day.

Local leaders tell us, people like Stewart who left a lasting legacy should be honored whether it be by a street name or any other capacity. “Be mindful to tell the young people who this man was and what this funeral home meant to our community,” says family friend and councilwoman, April Jackson. Mayor Day adds, “Olivia street is blessed more and more now that it bares Mr. Stewart’s name,”

The organization ‘Faith Over Fear‘ also attended the event, highlighting the Stewarts Funeral Home as a successfully black-owned business. Founder, Angela Morton tells us, Stewart leaves behind a good example for young black entrepreneurs.

If there are other ideas for street names or community members you believe should be honored, you should contact the city council at 410-548-3140.

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