Some travel agencies seeing some changes in the industry nationwide

DELMARVA – Since the appearance of the Omicron variant, some changes in certain industries have happened like in the world of travel.

Savage World Travel, a local agency,  said right now the travel industry is doing pretty well. With people being vaccinated and eager to get out of the house, they’ve seen an uptick in business. But, we’re told since the new variant some individual clients nationwide have changed or postponed reservations.

They also said some cruise ships changed their mask policy.

“From other agents, there have been a few cancellations, there has been an uptick and people booking cruises,” Susan Savage, Co-owner of Savage World Travel, said.

“Now, there are a few changes for some of the major cruise lines are asking people in the public areas to wear masks aboard ship,” Savage said.

We’re told despite some nationwide customer cancellations of reservations, Savage World Travel luckily has not personally experienced this. And, as of right now, they have not heard of any cancellations of cruises by any major cruise line.

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