Salisbury Police Department to see pay raise, strengthening recruitment

SALISBURY, Md. – In Salisbury, some local first responders will see a few extra dollars on their paychecks with the passing of new legislation.

Monday night, Salisbury City Council members met and unanimously passed an ordinance adjusting the Salisbury Police Department’s pay plan. The goal is to both increase recruitment and keep experienced officers while staying competitive with other local law enforcement agencies.

Mayor Jake Day says this means S-P-D will be one of the best paying agencies on the eastern shore. He adds, the focus now is on building trust between the department and the community.

“We just have to deal with restoration obviously after the civilian employee we had was caught stealing from our department. It’s important that we rebuild that trust with the public,” Mayor Day said.

“Part of getting there means having enough officers on the street to do the job. To build those relationships so they’re not rushing from call to call, but rather out there building relationships and that’s why compensation plays a critical role in the trust-building efforts of our police department.”

The funds also include a $25,000 incentive bonus for officers who transfer from other agencies. SPD will see that increase on the second pay period of December.

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