Police offer tips to prevent ‘porch pirates’ and burgluries during holidays

SALISBURY, Md- As the Holiday weekend approaches, police say robberies and burglaries of homes can see an uptick, with thieves stealing unattended deliveries from porches or burglars seeing empty boxes from expensive gifts and circling back to homes they know contain those items.

“It’s this big shining beacon to let folks know what might be inside your residence,” said Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan.

That’s how Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan describes, leaving big boxes from expensive Christmas gifts like TVs, video games, or appliances sitting on your sidewalk. Captain Tim Robinson of the Wicomico Sheriffs Office agrees.

“The last thing you want to do is put that big box advertising that new 60-inch television you just got break it up make it smaller put it inside something else and take it straight to the dump but don’t leave it outside your house advertising what you just got,” he said.

They say for porch pirates, or burglaries, surveillance cameras like ring doorbells or home systems can act as a deterrent and if they don’t prevent the theft, they can help police solve it faster.  “It’s becoming more and more common that we are investigating crimes using ring doorbell footage or home surveillance video footage,” Robinson said.

Captain Robinson says if you’re planning on traveling, there are some easy steps to make it seem like you’re still at home.

“If you are going to travel and be out of town make your home look like it’s occupied and that’s easy to do have your mail picked up have your lights on make it look like your home,” Captain Robinson said.

Cheif Duncan tells us there are additional options people who feel unsafe can take.

“You can have your residence registered for a vacant dwelling check and we will drive through your neighborhood and take a look,” Duncan said adding “just having your officers in a marked unit riding through your neighborhood checking your house while you’re gone is a great deterrent,” he said.

She says the most important thing people can do if they are the victims of porch pirates or burglaries, to report them to police and let the public know that these types of crimes are investigated and solved.





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