Mountaire and community members give families in need a special Christmas feast

SELBYVILLE, Del. – Hundreds of volunteers woke up early Monday morning to head to Mountaire farms for an event that could feed thousands. As part of their almost 30-year tradition of ‘Thanksgiving for Thousands,’ they’re packing boxes of food for ‘Christmas for Thousands.’

“It’s just a small thing to come out today and give back three four five hours whatever it takes,” says Delaware Senator, David Wilson.

During the season of giving, Mountaire farms are doing more than just producing chicken, we’re told they’re providing a Christmas miracle for families across Delmarva.

“There are still people out of work, there’s still people suffering and struggling and so just something as simple as a meal to help them get through the holidays can brighten someone’s day and that’s what we’re all about,” says Catherine Bassett, Director of Communications & Community Relations with Mountaire.

Volunteers young and old flocked to the assembly line to fill 3,600 boxes full of corn, green beans, yams, stuffing, cranberries, desserts, and of course a whole Mountaire chicken. We’re told one box can feed a family of four, and to make it possible, it takes effort from the community.

“We get people like Vietnam veterans, we’ve got Indian River high school baseball players out here, people come year after year and people say they really look forward to this,” says Bassett.

Senator Wilson, a long-time volunteer tells 47 ABC, seeing younger volunteers participate teaches an important lesson.

“I think it’s something that we need to do more of and instill in our youth and our schools and our public school and our schools and our public schools and our private schools need to be more aware that we need to be giving rather than taking from everything.”

Meanwhile, one volunteer who is a Vietnam war veteran says, this gives him and other veterans an outlet to meet new faces and give back.

“We are lucky most of us that we can have a decent Christmas because there’s still a lot of people out there that really need help,” says Rodger Rose, a volunteer and President of the Sussex County Chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America. He adds, “So whatever we can to help, we’re going to try to do.”

We’re told places like Mountaire are a great example of the help that’s out there for those who need it, even when times are unusually difficult. “When I look at them, I look at them as a giving company, not a receiving company,” says Senator Wilson. Rose adds, “Don’t sit home, ask for help, and people will help you if you ask.”

Those with Mountaire also say they’re hoping to bring the community together one chicken at a time.

Community members and organizations also arrived at the event to deliver the boxes across Delmarva to families who need them most.

Mountaire’s next packing event will be around Easter in 2022.

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