Local real-estate couple publishes help book, preparing future homebuyers for process

SALISBURY, Md. – For those who don’t know where to start with the homebuying process, there’s a new resource available to help.

Saintly Real Estate Solutions owners Ben and Natalie Saint-Phard created a new book, Homeownership, From Concept to Reality. The free book is broken down into 3 phases including planning and dreaming, research and development, and putting a plan into action.

We’re told with economic changes and impacts of the pandemic, people are looking into more permanent home solutions and mortgage payments are actually cheaper than rent. The duo has a few tips for those looking to start the process.

“There are programs available for people with down payment assistance through the state of Maryland and local programs as well and incentives for buying in one area as opposed to another. That is a part of the R&D. It’s how do you find those programs and what do you need to qualify for those programs,” Co-Owner Natalie Saint-Phard said.

“Also trying to stray away from looking at your credit scores. I know it might be scary or daunting because you know that you’ve used it or misused it. But if you’re not able to get real and get in the mindset of having your credit be where it needs to be to get into the homeownership process, it’s not going to help you.”

The duo also recommends having at least $5,000 saved when starting the process to help with things like the down payment, moving costs, or future renovations.

To get your copy of the e-book, click here 

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