Local brokerage holding gift drive for families in need


MILFORD, Del. – Coldwell Banker’s Resort and Reality is in their season of giving. They’re accepting donations for their annual gift drive to give to families in need in the Milford school district.

We’re told community members can come to their business anytime between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and drop off gifts which can be clothing, school supplies, toys, or even games.

A Broker manager tells us, they’ve been doing this for years, and each year they get more gifts to help those families who might not have gifts on Christmas day.

“We sell homes every day and what better time of year to celebrate home then that Christmas tree in the corner with kids greatly anticipating Santa’s arrival, so if they can’t afford to provide that, at least this can give them that ability,” says Joanne Milton, the broker manager at Coldwell.

A realtor with Coldwell, Tori Lech adds, “People are very blessed, and to share that and put that back in the universe is an amazing feeling, it’s incredible.”

Milton also tells us, they’re not accepting anything electronic. The drive takes place from now until December 15th.

You can call 302-422-8200 for more information.

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