“It is going to be a magnificent facility:” Bringing new healthcare opportunities to Sussex County

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. – From piles of dirt to a facility that looks like this, that’s what Bayhealth is aiming for, as they are sticking shovels in the ground to create Bayhealth Total Care in Sussex County.

“It is going to be a magnificent facility on 18 acres with physicians, emergency room, walk-in center and just fulfill a great need in Sussex County,” Terry Murphy, President and CEO of Bayhealth, said.

Once all the pieces are put together, Bayhealth said the building will bring innovative healthcare services to the area.

That includes the state’s first hybrid emergency and walk-in center.

“They are right next to each other, they are actually sort of integrated, so if a patient comes in and they need care right away there’s a person there to help direct them of where they need to go, so they get the right type of care, at the right costs,” Dr. Gary Siegelman, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, said.

The facility will also offer specialty care, which is a big benefit to roughly 30% of the Sussex County population that’s over the age of 65.

“We have a number of specialty services as well, women’s health and orthopedics and cardiology are all things that are needed particularly as we get older,” Dr. Gary Siegelman, said.

And, it will hopefully fill the need for physicians while keeping them in the area.

“So, Sussex county actually has the lowest number of physicians to population ratio, that’s one of the reasons we began or became a teaching hospital and so we know that that is a very important need,” Terry Murphy, said.

While there’s still a ways to go in the construction process,  many community members are already receptive- and understand how this healthcare center can impact their community.

“It’s one of the fastest-growing counties on the East Coast so we wanted to be able to help and people do need access so they can get taken care of in advance so they stay healthy so that’s what we are trying to do,” Dr. Siegelman, said.

We are told this facility will open its doors next year.

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