FYP focused on bringing families together for the holidays, offering resources to do so

SALISBURY, Md. – The Fenix Youth Project hosted a free photo session for families experiencing hardships this holiday season, but we’re told it’s a part of a bigger mission.

Amber Green, Executive Director at FYP tells us, she wanted to help families capture the memories and have fun during the holidays even with their struggles, and t. She says her organization has been actively helping Salisbury residents search for housing and resources.

However, more importantly, she wants to help the youth reconnect with their families who can’t. Green says this is one of many events they’re putting together to emphasize and push that message. “We know that housing and financial instability is such huge stressor for families and one of the things that we do is not only are we trying to help youth but we’re also trying to reconnect and reunite families together and just have an opportunity to love one another,” says Green. She adds, “It’s just an opportunity to just build memories and build community.”

Green also tells 47 ABC, she wants residents to learn how to set themselves up to own a house. She says they’re planning to start a financial literacy class to help young adults and families get to that point.

Local professional photographer, Bill Cecil lent his expertise and took free photos for the event.

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