Delmarva hotels seeing supply chain issues, impacting business

DELMARVA- From food, to shampoo, to cleaning supplies, hotels are having a hard time getting their hands on essential products.

“The worst issue we have had is with is linens 28 the sheets we put on the bed, the towels we put in the rooms has really been an issue from the beginning of this year,” Dan Jasinski, Real Hospitality Regional Director, said.

“The supply chain issues have just been unprecedented for our industry, we’ve seen it from the food and beverage side, from the spa side, and also the room supply side,” Benjamin Gray, area general manager of The Bellmoor Inn and Spa Bethany Beach Ocean Suites and Hotel Bethany Beach, said.

A lot of this is due to the pandemic, and distributors not being about to meet hotels’ needs.

“Severe delays on orders and shipping, and not just a couple of weeks we are talking three to six months delays,” Jasinski said.

“So, we use several larger distributors ya know Cisco, you know US Foods, the standard food operating vendors that we use across the portfolio those larger vendors are actually seeing the most crunch as it relates to the supply shortages,” Gray said.

These businesses are now searching for other options, as they still need to meet the demands of their customers.

“Some of our hotels are having to go to Walmart to buy sheets and towels because that’s how desperate we were to make sure we had enough supplies to operate,” Jasinski said.

“Champagne glasses is another example of something that has been in short supply for us and we haven’t been able to get for the past 30 days so what we do, we go on Amazon and we order a case just to get us through while our custom made champagne glasses continue to be delayed,” Gray said.

On top of all of this, there’s another challenge.

“And the prices have certainly skyrocketed I’ve noticed an average of 30 percent across the board as it relates to cleaning supplies, food and beverage items and so that certainly has some budget implications,” Gray said.

But, even with all of these obstacles standing in the way, Delmarva hotels said they’re doing all they can to stay on top of things.

“I think that there is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel,” Gray said.

“Sometimes we will see a little bit of light of things getting better, but I think being prepared for this issue to continue is the best way to go,” Jasinski said.

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