‘Deck the halls’ with safety in mind: Tips to keep your home fire free this holiday season

DELMARVA – We’re well into December, and that means the holiday season is in full swing and it’s time to put out those holiday decorations.

As you deck the halls, fire officials have a warning to avoid unwanted flames by those festive decorations. The biggest Christmas tree concern is fire safety. Experts say most tree fires are a result of consumers not following or not knowing safety guidelines.

We checked in with the Salisbury Fire Department on ways to keep your home safe. We’re told if you plan to use a real tree this holiday season, make sure it has plenty of water and check it daily to prevent it from drying out which could potentially cause a fire.

Also, make sure you always have a working smoke alarm. We’re also told that you should avoid clogging up outlets and watch out for your furry friends who may want to play with the tree.

“A lot of people always overload an outlet as well, which can also cause a fire so you want to make sure you don’t overload an outlet,” Deputy Chief Darrin Scott said. “A lot of times you’ll see a cat that wants to play around on one and you need to check that because animals can chew wires and you not even notice. This can also cause a fire.”

Another big reminder is that tree lights should never be left on all night or once you leave your home. Experts also say to make sure you use lights that have a UL listing, meaning they’ve been tested for fire and electrical safety and approved for in-home use.

You also never want to place your tree somewhere that would block an exit.

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