Berlin cancels NYE event, businesses in the area react

BERLIN, Md. – The town of Berlin canceled their popular New Year’s Eve event for the second year in a row. The last-minute decision left businesses disappointed, but not defeated.

Laura Stearns, general manager of the Atlantic Hotel tells us, the event has brought so many lasting memories since it started, so not having it for another year, was disheartening. “When you lookout, it’s breathtaking to see the excitement that’s generated in the crowd it’s awesome, so it’s just a shame,” says Stearns.

We’re told, Berlin’s New Years’ event has been a staple in the town, for years, bringing community members and tourists from across Delmarva to visit local restaurants, shops and experience attractions like the laser show, and the famous ball drop. “Its shoulder to shoulder, it’s fun and exciting, it’s a big drawl because the charm of the town is at its peak,” says Stearns.

Mayor Zack Tyndall released a statement saying between the spike in COVID-19 cases, and the cancellations of several vendors, they had to make a tough decision. Mayor Tyndall said in a statement, “Efforts were made to try and find replacement vendors but were unsuccessful. The surge of COVID-19 cases locally and vendor cancellations led the Town of Berlin to make the difficult decision to cancel all town-sponsored New Year’s Eve events.”

After canceling the New Year’s Eve plans at the end of 2020, many Berlin businesses were revving up for a big bash to wrap 2021, but just 24 hours before the big bash, those businesses have to switch gears once again. “We placed our orders, we’ve taken several hundred reservations in both the hotel and the restaurant, it was just disappointing there’s nothing that can be done,” says Stearns.

Meanwhile, Bryan Brushmiller, owner of the Globe and Burley Oak Brewery says, it’s been a tough year, to say the least. He says the brewery was ready to welcome guests with a line-up of bands, poetry, food, and plenty of beer.

However, now his team isn’t sure what to expect, but they’re ready for whatever the night brings. “We’re a pretty resilient town, we were able to build our own ball, made it out of barrel hoops,” says Brushmiller. He adds, “We deal with nor’easter’s and hurricanes, we can come back and we’ll make it happen.”

Brushmiller says they’re going to ring in the new year with their own ball drop, as well as continue with a kids ball drop at 6 p.m. across the street at Croppers. He says he and other business owners want to make sure families and tourists in the area, still have some festivities to look forward to. “We’ve been chugging along nonstop for the last two years and we’ve been able to pivot and adapt, and I think that’s the key to life in general,” says Brushmiller.

Business owners also tell us, they’re just hopeful that 2022 will be a better year.

Stearns at the Atlantic Hotel also says they’re just one of many Berlin establishments that will be ready to entertain on New Year’s Eve, providing guests with dinner.

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