Worcester Co. Commissioners discuss compensation for canceled fire, EMS calls

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md. – Worcester County commissioners weighed the possibilities of reworking funding for fire and EMS services Tuesday morning.

Ocean City Fire Department Chief Richard Bowers explained to commissioners that when fire and EMS crews are sent to a call, and that call is canceled, they don’t see the funding to compensate for that.

Commissioner Josh Nordstrom says that can cost the county valuable resources.

“It’s a difficult position to put our fire and EMS services in if they don’t get paid to make a run somewhere. Some of these companies are making a run half an hour from their stations. That’s a long way, and it’s a lot to commit some equipment for that amount of time,” said Nordstrom.

Commissioners Chip Bertino and Theodore Elder said they would like to see more documentation of spending before they move forward. They called for finance reports from fire and EMS crews across the county.

The issue was tabled until commissioners have more information to work with.

“Every county fire station, every county EMS station is going to be a little different. There’s not one formula, necessarily, that is going to work for every organization. Or, at least we haven’t found it yet,” said Nordstrom.

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