Uncertain future ahead for Punkin Chunkin as they look for new venue


SALISBURY, Md. – Punkin Chunkin is looking to return to Delmarva and continue the tradition of sending pumpkins flying in a competition that saw tens of thousands of spectators flock to Delaware to see which pumpkin could go the furthest.

Punkin Chunkin’s Board Member Kevin Thompson tells us the company can no longer afford to have the event in Delaware due to the state’s high rates of insurance for events like theirs. They say they are scouting locations in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina where they hope to find localities and an open field that’s more accomodating.

“A couple of big things for us are what the state laws look like for insurance liability what is our insurance look like how does it work with that piece of land and property owner can we make that all work together,” Thompson said.

Thompson tells us the event picked up steam when it returned in 2019 to Illinois, but that it was too far away for many of the event’s volunteers, many of whom were native to Delmarva. Thomspon tells us the loss of the event would be a blow, as the event donated tens of thousands of dollars for STEM programs in local schools. Thompson tells us they’re afraid if they can’t find a location by spring, it could be the end for Punkin Chunkin.

“We are really pushing strongly to make this a reality for next year, if we are not able to make this event happen, we are honestly not sure as an organization what the future of the event looks like so this is a crucial year for us in terms of World Championship Punkin Chunkin,” Thompson said.

They say they want the event to be on Delmarva, but they’ll settle for a reasonable driving distance, or a smaller venue to keep this event close to the community that built it up.

Thompson says if you know of someone with a plot of land that seems perfect for the event; that’s 200 acres of open, relatively flat land located somewhere on the Delmarva Peninsula, Maryland, or Virginia to Reach out to Punkin Chunkin and see if it could be the perfect place for the event to find its new home.

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