“This place is very special:” Dover Airforce Base hosts State of the Base speaking of hurdles, accomplishments


DOVER, Del.- “This place is very special, you’ll never find an Army Airforce, Navy Coast Guard Base with greater community support,” U.S. Senator Tom Carper said.

Partnerships, dedication, and strength are all words describing the Dover Air Force Base and their drive to overcome challenges this past year, and those experiences were shared with local leaders at Monday’s State of the Base.

“Just the incredible amount of work and excellence that is taking place at this base, and then the partnership with the community is a very uplifting state of the base,” Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester said.

The event was hosted by the 436th Airlift Wing, bringing in state and city leaders. The Wing Commander of the Base said just like everyone, hurdles had to be jumped during the pandemic. One big one for them, meeting in person.

“So, anyway that we can do it we’ll take it virtually 47 or we will try and meet in small groups 49 to continue those connections to make sure that our airman and their families are taken care of,” Col. Matthew Husemann, the 436th Airlift Wing Commander, said.

But, with those challenges came accomplishments. One prime example, the helping hand provided to Afghan refugees after the end of the nation’s longest war.

“The Airman took it up and said just watch us, and they did, so they went out and they executed the mission just like they have been trained for and they were able to take time and sit down and reflect on that,” Col. Husemann said.

And, the work doesn’t stop there. We’re told the base has more projects in the works, like a new hanger.

“It will be a new fuel cell maintenance hanger, so I’ll maintainers will be able to take care of our C5’s and our C17’s inside the hanger,” Col. Husemann said.

And, with all of their efforts, Delaware’s Congressional Delegation said they will continue to support the men and women in uniform.

“For us, as a Congressional Delegation, it’s important for us to make sure they have the resources that they need to make sure that we also legislate and you know make sure that the laws are standing up for them,” Congresswoman Blunt Rochester said.

“We are going to by the end of the year, pass the annual Defense Authorization Act and the Appropriations Bill to fund it, that includes a pay raise for the men and women of the Armed Forces,” U.S. Senator Chris Coons said.

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