Talbot Boys statue controversy continues with new lawsuit


TALBOT COUNTY, Md. – The Talbot Boys statue controversy continues, as a new lawsuit was filed against Talbot County on Monday.

The suit was filed on behalf of Preserve Talbot History, Inc. and three Talbot County residents. One of those plaintiffs is a descendent of an individual whose name is on the statue, according to the lawsuit.

In September, Talbot County Council voted 3-2 to move the Confederate statue to Cross Keys Battlefield in Virginia. Plaintiffs allege that the County Council did not allow for ample time and public consideration before the vote.

“It really was kind of a surprise, and seemed intended to move it through as quickly as possible, without an opportunity for discussion or examination,” said Plaintiff David Montgomery.

Montgomery says the resolution was illegal, and ultimately, the decision should be left up to the people of Talbot County.

“At this point, what we most want to have happen is for the citizens of Talbot County to have a direct voice in what happens. We have suggested, along with the various alternatives, that this is something that should be decided at a referendum,” said Montgomery.

Plaintiffs say they want Talbot County Council to reopen the discussion on the statue’s fate to the public. Plus, they’re calling on the council to keep the Talbot Boys right where they are before any final decision is made.

“It’s very important that the Talbot Boys stay here in Talbot County to those who are descendants that have their names there, for the purpose of recounting the history of what really happened here,” said Montgomery.

47 ABC did reach out to Talbot County Council president Chuck Callahan but did not hear back.

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