New community project bringing smiles, kindness to Parkside High School students

SALISBURY, Md. – Parkside High School is being a leader in kindness all thanks to a new project.

The Project is known as the Kindness Rocks & Smiles Community Project. It’s being led by an international award-winning author and founder of a kindness project that spans 90 countries, with a goal to start conversations surrounding mental health.

Community leader Dominique Sessa wanted to bring this collaborative effort to Salisbury because she’s trying to raise awareness surrounding struggles in Salisbury schools. On Wednesday, the project kicked off, bringing students together to make art- and have important conversations.

“We know that we are connecting people through kindness and making our community stronger and when we do it with youngsters, when we do it with young people we know that we are helping raise kinder adults,” Grace Murdock, SBY Secretary of Kindness, said.

“Nowadays, everyone has become so distant and they compare themselves to other people and that really damages the mind and with this project about kindness rocks people will look at it and it will warm up their heart a little bit,” Ryan Oliveira, a Parkside HS Junior, said.

“These years have been crazy, so kindness really holds people down together,” Trinity Gumby, a Parkside HS Senior, said.

“I think it’s very important for us to still be kind to each other and come together to support one another in like whatever we need,” Cassidy Cashman, a Parkside HS Senior, said.

Dom Sessa was not able to be at the event Wednesday, but she was honored. She is being given a check to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise money and awareness around mental health.

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