More telework could change businesses in the future

SALISBURY, Md.- The pandemic has changed how people work and where they work leaving some businesses with less hands on deck.

Bill Chambers, with the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, said the pandemic revealed America’s highest quit rate in history, where 5 to 6 million Americans decided to walk off the job in 2020.

As a result, positions are still looking to be filled in manufacturing,  hospitality, health care, and more. And, while the positions are filling up, it’s nowhere close to meeting the demand.

Instead, we’re told people are going into jobs where you can work virtually. This can include legal services and jobs in retail.

“American workers who quit their jobs they want to work studies have shown, but they don’t want to go back to the strict 9 to 5 routine where they’ve got a boss looking over their shoulder, so we are going to figure out as an economy how to adapt,” Bill Chambers, the CEO and President of SBY Chamber Of Commerce, said.

Chambers said he thinks teleworking is here to stay and we might see less and less storefront businesses and larger headquarters consolidating.

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