Milford Veteran receives free roof from Valor Home ‘Raise The Roof’ project

MILFORD, Del. – Milford residents came together on Thursday to celebrate and give back to a very special veteran for his years of service to the country.

As part of their ‘Raise The Roof’ Program, Valor Home donated a brand new roof to retired Master Seargent Edward Holloway’s home in Milford.

The project was a surprise for Holloway, who only found out about the plan for him to receive the $10,000 project when construction trucks rolled up to his home, with a welcoming party to surprise him.

“I knew it wasn’t Publishers Clearing House because there weren’t any balloons,” Holloway said.

And while there weren’t balloons or an oversized check, there was the support of the community, as well as his colleagues from the Delaware Office of Veterans Services, where Holloway works, who had nominated him for the repair.

“Then the tears came, they had to nearly prop me up it was so overwhelming, we’ve never experienced a gift like this,” he said.

During a ceremony Thursday celebrating the new roof, representatives from across Delaware, including members of Representative Lisa Blunt-Rochester and Senator Tom Carper’s staff, presented letters thanking Holloway for his years of service. Holloway tells us he was grateful that his service meant so much to Milford, and all those who attended the event.  He tells us hope’s more vets can get the same support.

“There is a sense that I don’t deserve it but receiving it is heartwarming, it’s encouraging to me that there are so many opportunities to do this so many different ways for so many different veterans,” he said.

Valor Home Owner Brian Bauer tells us, finding those veterans who need help can be a challenge, as veterans often give so much but expect little in return.

“It was a challenge, in the beginning, finding veterans in need because they are not the people that are going to put their hand up for help,” he said. Bauer tells us that’s why it was so important for them to deliver for Holloway.

“For us to give them a roof over their head something they go in every day and say this is a foundation of my home it’s the roof over their family,” he said.

Bauer says Valor Home will soon be able to expand their program nationally, by shifting ‘Raise the Roof’, to ‘Operation Raise the Roof”, a 501C charity that will help veterans not just in Delmarva, but across the nation.

“Each quarter we find a veteran in need and a replace a roof completely free. We’ve been doing four a year but now we are growing and starting Operation Raise the Roof, our partners DeWalt, Mission BBQ, AB supply and Certainty, we can take this program across the country and start doing one a month,” Bauer said.

Bauer tells us if you know a veteran you would like to nominate for the program, you can reach out to Valor Home, submit an application, and get a veteran in your life a much-needed repair for their home.

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