Maryland’s Emergency School Mask Requirement being discussed

MARYLAND – A virtual meeting was held on Tuesday to discuss Maryland’s emergency school mask requirement.

Last spring, the State Board of Education passed a resolution that called for the return of in-person learning to be safe with minimal disruptions.

The board then implemented the emergency mask requirement to ensure that safety for staff and students. With that mandate expiring in February 2022, the State Board of Education wanted to hear from health experts, key stakeholders, and the community on how they should move forward after that expiration date.

“I would like you to urge to keep the statewide mandate placed in schools, as long as possible, until children over have ample opportunity to be fully vaccinated for COVID and community transmission of COVID has decreased to low levels of all Maryland counties,” Raymond, a Worcester County Parent, said.

“With vaccines available for all people over 5 years old, treatment options, it’s time to make masking optional, while instituting a mask optional policy can increase the number of quarantines and class disruptions based on the current CDC guidelines we now have a vaccine available for all students in the K through 12 system,” Katie Haman, Carroll County Parent, said.

We’re told after this meeting, the board will take into consideration all the comments, emails, and letters they’ve gotten on how to move forward, and will then reconvene in early December for a decision.

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