MAC partnership feeds senior citizens for Thanksgiving

SALISBURY, Md. – MAC Inc. has partnered up with Communication Workers of America number #2106 to provide Thanksgiving meals to over 125 senior citizens.

We’re told, with an uptick in the number of seniors experiencing food insecurity, and a shortage of volunteers, organizations are teaming up to make sure no one goes hungry especially for the holidays. MAC provides the logistics and names for those in need of meals and food, and volunteers with the communication workers head to their homes to deliver not just a Thanksgiving meal, but a grocery bag of shelf-stable food.

We’re also told the communication workers partnered with the Deli at the Pecan Square to provide the meals. A representative from MAC tells 47 ABC, it’s important to give senior citizens a little extra help, especially this year.

“The number of volunteers who are putting this together, we can’t even count how many hours it’s taken them to do it, and it’s so appreciated not only by us but by our seniors,” says HR Specialist at MAC Inc., Donna Smith. She adds, “It’s nice to know that there are people that still care and it doesn’t take much just a smile and a hello that’s all that’s necessary.”

Smith also tells us, MAC is always in need of volunteers. If you’d like to help out, just call 410-742-0505, and ask for Valerie Wagner, the volunteer coordinator.

MAC is also partnering with the First Baptist Church of Fruitland who also offers a similar opportunity. This year they are offering two meals per recipient, a turkey platter, and a ham platter.

You can find out more information by calling Terry Wood at 443-880-0218.

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