Local law enforcement warning more online scams are being seen this holiday season

SALISBURY, Md. – With many of us doing our holiday shopping online, local law enforcement is warning you to be aware of scams.

Worcester County Sheriff Matt Crisafulli said he believes with the increased shopping, there’s an increase in scams, especially during this holiday season.

Sheriff Crisafulli said law enforcement is also seeing an uptick in ransomware attacks.

“We’re seeing where people you know start a relationship in a chat room and then all of a sudden they’re threatened, and they are told to send x amount of dollars or there’s a threat placed against them,” Sheriff Crisafulli said.

Sheriff Crisafulli said you should have updated virus software on your computer and he encourages people to shop on sites, rather than make purchases through advertisements.

And, if you have been scammed make sure to contact your bank and your local police department.

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