J1 workers coming back next summer to OC, concerns still linger over housing shortages

OCEAN CITY, Md.- The town of Ocean City recently received a letter addressing J1 student housing for this upcoming summer.

United Work and Travel helps place J1 workers into resort towns like OC to work for the summer.

They sent a letter to Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan informing him that around 1,100 students have already signed up and are accepted to come work.

But, the group did express concerns over the housing shortage for those workers.

Mayor Meehan said this is the town’s responsibility to find solutions, and it should be a priority.

“It’s challenging a lot of those apartments they’re buildings that were used for housing prior to COVID were re-purposed when the students didn’t come and used for other rental type of properties and a lot of those rental type properties many of them haven’t gone back, so that’s created a void in the inventory,” Mayor Rick Meehan, said.

“I’m going to say I’m going to remain hopeful for 2023 and beyond, I don’t want the conversations to end by any means, I think we need to keep pace in our conversations with private and public partners,” Lachelle Scarlato, the Executive Director of The Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, said.

Ocean City Rick Meehan said the town is working with the business community to find ways to accommodate students, but it will take time.

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