‘Ice Ice Berlin’ returns, bring good cheer, while also boosting the economy

BERLIN, Md. – The 2021 holiday season has arrived, and the town of Berlin welcomes it back with their famous, yet unique ‘Ice Ice Berlin and Tree Lighting Festival,’ welcoming thousands of people.

“I love it, it’s beautiful, it’s like an old fashion Christmas to me,” says a community member, Ronnie Barker.

Senator Mary Beth Carozza made an appearance at the festival, lending a helping hand to the Salvation Army. Senator Carozza tells us, “This is such a joyful time of year and here we are a year out from COVID, and look at the celebration.”

After many businesses struggled to stay afloat this past year, we’re told an event like this brings just the right amount of exposure to head into 2022 with a better outlook.

“You can see the economic recovery as well with the business all out, and locals and visitors coming out to support these businesses,” says Senator Carozza. Barker adds, “I just love the quaintness of it, all the little shops the unique gifts you can buy. If you’re looking for something different, you can always find it here.”

Between intricate ice sculptors from Berlin’s very own Erik Cantine, drinks, food, music, and plenty of shopping, we’re told the festival was just what the town needed after this past year.

However, many came to the festival for one reason, the tree lighting which we’re told symbolizes not only the holidays but a fresh start. Community members say this festival represents one of the many reasons why they love their town.

“I like to be where people are having fun and they have fun in Berlin and Ocean City. I Love it!” says Barker. She adds, “I love Berlin, Berlin has always been a nice town, it was named the coolest small town in America a couple of years ago and it is! It’s a cool town to everybody down here.”

Meanwhile, Senator Carozza expresses the joy she feels seeing children giving to the Salvation Army, and donating to the fund for Erik Cantine, who was recently diagnosed with stage four brain cancer.

“When you see the joy and love in their eyes and their faces and they light up and they want to put that money in there and they know they’re really helping somebody else, that is the true meaning and joy of this season.”

Senator Carozza also tells 47 ABC, the festival foreshadowed the good cheer and blessings coming our way next year.

“You can just see the celebration that we really missed doing this last year and to come back to do this in person to have the tree lighting to have all these people out and about. This is what we need to be looking forward to for 2022.”

Many of the proceeds from fundraisers at the event went to benefit Berlin’s ice sculptor Erik Cantine and his family. You can find a link to his GoFundMe page by clicking here.

The Town of Berlin will hold its Christmas parade, Thursday, December 2nd on Main Street.

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