Gov. Hogan to reintroduce violent crime legislation in special session

MARYLAND – Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is trying to combat gun violence across the state.

The governor announced Tuesday that he will be reintroducing crime legislation at the upcoming General Assembly special session in December.

The Violent Firearms Offender Act significantly toughens penalties for offenders who use and illegally possess firearms. It also applies to those who illegally supply firearms to criminals.

“We know that guns used in crimes often do not belong to the offender,” said Gov. Hogan.

The Judicial Transparency Act will require the Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy to track and publish detailed information on the sentences that are handed down by judges for violent crimes.

“For seven years, I have been fighting to bring transparency and accountability to state government. Why should that standard only apply to the executive and legislative branches? It needs to apply to the judicial branch, as well,” said Gov. Hogan.

Gov. Hogan says he thanks the Senate for passing the bills in the past but is calling on the House to step up.

“The House must also take decisive emergency action. The overwhelming majority of Baltimore City residents and all Marylanders strongly support these bills. We have all waited long enough,” he said.

The special session will also take a closer look at police reform, and addressing wrongful convictions. Other issues that the special session will address, are pandemic relief, broadband access, and environmental conservation.

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